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Thursday, May 18, 2023

All about the best fibre network operator in South Africa

All about the best fibre network operator in South Africa

Fibre! Fibre! Fibre!  

Everyone who’s anyone wants fibre coverage in South Africa. After all, it’s the latest craze within the broadband connection sector; giving you a high-speed, stable and reliable connection with what seems like endless data to give you entertainment and communication means.  

If you’re still unsure what fibre is and how fibre works, check out our older blog posts to catch up on the best internet here!

Today we’re chatting about the Fibre Network Operators in South Africa that provide us with internet infrastructure and fibre coverage.  

Fibre internet has been around in South Africa since 2014 and grew steadily over the years, becoming one of the most popular options around. Openserve, Vumatel and Frogfoot are some of the best internet providers available. If you recognise these names, chances are you’ve come across a fibre internet operator before. You might have noticed their logos on vehicles accompanied by workmen and lots of cables! This process is a fibre infrastructure installation; fibre optic cables are being laid in the ground in an area! Once laid, this area will now be ready for its very own fibre coverage! Businesses or residents in this area may opt for a package with an internet provider to gain internet access and get good connectivity! Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Let’s learn more about some of South Africa’s FNOs and ISPs: If you’re unsure which Fibre Network Provider is in your area, check your fibre coverage here.  

Internet from Openserve:

Openserve has had over 2 Million buildings connected, and 147000km of fibre cables stretched throughout the country! A few of Openserve qualities are efficiency, experience and transparency, amongst others, while providing excellent after-sales support to their customers.

Vumatel as a Network Provider:

Think pink! Vumatel is easily recognised by people for its pink logo, making it known that fibre is here! Focused on high-speed, open access (giving you the option of your own ISP) fibre, Vumatel creates “fibre-hoods” by ensuring an easy 3-step process to get you and your home connected.

Frogfoot Fibre Network:

Leaping into the future with 15 years of experience in Telecoms, Frogfoot’s expertise lies in their tech knowledge and internet support. You get Open Access fibre with high speeds and a stable connection. This means you can enjoy spending hours on Netflix, gaming and just browsing social media. Outside of their technical experience, Frogfoot even looks to support economic and social development within the country.

Make your move

Every internet service provider has internet plans that include uncapped internet for your home every month. They have different plans at different prices to make sure you get the connection you want at home. View your ISP options here, each offer indicates which FNO provides fibre coverage for that deal.

Creative Copywriter
Palesa Malefane
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