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Friday, July 16, 2021

All you need to know about uncapped LTE

In need of a wireless internet connection that allows you to download, upload and stream at great speeds? Look no further than LTE. We’re giving you the lowdown on this quick, wireless broadband solution.  

So, read on to find out what LTE is, what it has to do with 4G, and where you can get uncapped LTE deals in South Africa at the best prices.  

For amazing deals on uncapped LTE, fibre and more — have a look at Best Internet’s range of connectivity choices.

What is LTE?

With the wide range of internet connection options available today, it’s important to know which type suits your inpidual needs. And, if you’re not entirely sure what LTE is, you’re not alone. Many South African internet users rely on older internet connection types like ADSL. Ad they look for more affordable, unlimited data deals we at Best Internet are helping them get the best deals.

LTE, also known as “4G LTE”, is a wireless high-speed data network that stands for “Long Term Evolution ”. And, while it’s slower than “true” 4G, it’s significantly faster (roughly 10 times faster) than 3G.

ITPro offers an in-depth explanation of the differences between LTE, 3G, 4G and 5G.  

LTE is an incredibly fast wireless connection that has revolutionised the way we connect. The speeds offered by 4G LTE have turned our smartphones and devices into powerful connection tools, allowing for seamless browsing, split-second downloads, HD quality live video and AR advancements.  


So, how can you get 4G LTE? According to Digital Trends 4G LTE connectivity requires two parts.

  1. A network that can support the required speeds.
  2. A device that can connect to that network and download information at a high speed.

Capped vs Uncapped LTE

Internet service providers offer different LTE internet packages - capped and uncapped.

If you have decided to invest in an LTE connection, your next question is probably whether you need capped or uncapped LTE. And this choice is entirely dependent on your connection needs.  While LTE is unquestionably fast — your decision to go with capped or uncapped LTE is relatively simple.  

Here, we'll look at the difference between capped and uncapped LTE.

What is uncapped LTE?

Uncapped accounts refer to packages where you never run out of data (GB) - there are no restrictions on how much data you can use before you reach your data limit and get cut off or have to top-up. Simply put, any uncapped internet connection is one where you get unlimited GB to use at your discretion.  So, you can use as much as you like and still keep connected.  

It’s worth noting that uncapped connections may sometimes have Fair Usage Policies (FUP). This means your ISP could limit your bandwidth (amount of data you can use at one time) to ensure everyone using your connection have access to good quality internet.  

What is capped LTE?

An alternative to uncapped is capped accounts, which refers to an internet package whereby customers can choose how is allocated to share a certain amount of bandwidth and data limit. Any capped internet connection is simply a monthly pre-agreed or pre-paid amount of data (GB). Once the amount of data you pay for has run out, you will no longer have an internet connection.  

However, most ISPs will allow you to top-up once your allocated data has run out.

The best fixed LTE deals

We’ve rounded up the best internet deals your money can buy if you're looking for a fantastic Fixed LTE connection.  

Here are our top Fixed LTE deals:

Best Big-User FLTE Deal  

Supersonic120GB LTE - R399

60GB Anytime data  

60GB Night-time express data  

24 Month contract  

Includes activation, delivery & SIM Card.  

Huawei B612 Device (R69 p/m)

Best All-Rounder FLTE Deal

me&you60GB Fixed LTE – R299

60GB Anytime data

24 Month contract  

Includes activation, delivery & SIM Card.

With special mention to Vodacom’s LTE Deals because of their wide range and competitively priced large data offerings.

Vodacom Fixed LTE – R1149

400GB Anytime data

400GB Night-time data  

24 Month contract  

Speeds of 10Mbps or 20Mbps

Vodacom Fixed LTE –R549

100GB Anytime data

100GB Night-time data  

24 Month contract  

Speeds of 10Mbps or 20Mbps

Best Internet’s uncapped LTE

If you’ve been in search of incredibly fast and technologically advanced internet connectivity, look no further than LTE. With speeds ten times faster than its predecessor, 3G — it’s set to be a while before the future of 5G overtakes this connection marvel that revolutionised the way we spend our time online.  

And, if you’re after the best uncapped LTE deals out there, have a look at Best Internet’s LTE selection, where you can compare the greatest, most reliable LTE deals available today.  

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