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Monday, February 14, 2022

Capped vs uncapped internet? Here’s what you need to know.

Choosing LTE, fibre or another connection type? “Capped vs uncapped” is the great debate — and something you’ll have to think seriously about. Your ultimate decision will likely depend on your home internet needs — and your monthly budget.

Most times, when people chose capped internet over the unlimited option — it’s for budgeting reasons, but, with Best Internet there are hordes of uncapped internet deals that are affordable, speedy and suited to your needs. We’re about to blow the lid on capped and uncapped internet.

What’s the difference between capped and uncapped internet?

When you sign up for internet, you’ll have to consider if you’re interested in capped or uncapped internet. But what exactly does this mean? Simply put, a capped internet plan gives you a certain amount of internet access per month — and when you reach that limit, your internet access will pause until the start of a new month.

Uncapped internet plan gives you the opposite: limitless internet throughout the month!

Best Internet’s top uncapped internet fibre deals for 2022

Your uncapped fibre questions, answered.

What are the speed differences between capped and uncapped fibre?

Whether we like it or not — internet service providers treat capped and uncapped internet a little differently.

Uncapped internet is generally given a larger speed allowance, because it has a lower contention ratio (a measuring tool service provider’s use to figure out the maximum demand on bandwidth).

Uncapped internet also has a lower contention ratio because it’s not as affected by multiple devices, or people having to share the bandwidth evenly.

And capped internet?

Being unlimited, rules for sharing apply. Picture capped internet like a pizza with eight slices trying to feed a family of 15. There’s a higher contention ratio because the demand is higher on a limited amount of internet.

How does fibre work?

Fibre internet is the fastest internet connection around in the 21st century — other than developing 5G technologies which fall into the wireless technologies, of course.
Fibre is made of super fine hair-thin glass cables, bound together and placed underground in your area. When you surf the web, that data is transmitted at lightning-fast speed (because it’s literally light) via these cables.

What is Fair Usage Policy?

As users of the internet, we’re all going to tangle with Fair Usage Policies – but speaking diplomatically, it’s for everyone’s benefit. If one person using a portion of the (/your) network is downloading HD movies all night long, it is going to affect the internet performance of other people (/you) using that same portion of the network.

That’s why the Fair Usage Policy gets activated during peak times, so the bandwidth can be evenly distributed. So, even if you have high-speed 50 Mbps uncapped fibre, it may be a bit slower than that during peak hours. (Or time to do a loop around the neighbourhood and knock on some doors.)

How do I check if fibre is in my area?

That’s the easy part — and Best Internet is here to help! You won’t have to make any long, frustrating phone calls with service providers to find out if your exact street is fibre-ready. Simply use our up-to-date coverage map that’s intuitive enough to find your exact location and let you know if you can get fibre.

Use our coverage map now!

Is uncapped fibre more expensive than capped fibre?

Not necessarily! Although uncapped fibre may seem more expensive than capped fibre, you can still find an affordable fibre package that suits your budget.

Browse uncapped internet deals with Best Internet

Remember, just because you’re getting uncapped internet, it doesn’t mean you’ll be paying a different amount each month. You can have peace-of-mind that you’re getting unlimited, high-speed internet at a fixed price. What’s the catch? Absolutely nothing. Get browsing!
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