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Monday, March 7, 2022

Everything you need to know about meandyou .

Looking for an internet provider that can give you the internet connection you need, at the price you want – without the hassle of complicated contracts?  Best Internet is here to provide the answers to all your questions to help you make an informed decision. If you're not familiar with one of SA's youngest, freshest mobile network operators - then sit back and keep scrolling to find out everything there is to know about meandyou mobile.

Who is me&you?

Founded in 2015, me&you is an exclusively online SIM-only network provider – offering customers a range of data, voice, SMS, and LTE bundles at affordable prices.

me&you's aim is SIMple – offering customers freedom in terms of flexible connectivity.
There are no contracts, no obligations – just connection.

This gives you the chance of upgrading, or downgrading, your services with them at any time.

Starting a new business from home and need to upgrade your data contract ASAP?
You can with me&you – and there are no hidden fees involved! me&you gives you the best deals at the best prices – without the expensive packages, complicated contracts or sub-par customer service.

What type of LTE deals does me&you offer?

Best Internet offers a wide range of me&you LTE deals, ranging from 10GB LTE packages to 500GB LTE packages – with day and night data options available.
Finding the right package for you is dependent on your internet needs.

How much internet data do I need?

Knowing how you use the internet, and what you use the internet for, can help you determine which LTE data package is ideal for you. You wouldn't want to take a 100GB LTE package and pay extra when you only use 50GB of data on average, right?

Here's a small guide to help you see how much internet data you need.

10GB LTE is ideal for:

  • Daily web browsing
  • Checking social media
  • Occasionally streaming video content – not HD

20GB LTE is ideal for:

  • Daily web browsing
  • Daily social media browsing
  • Daily streaming of video content – not HD

50GB LTE is ideal for:

  • Daily web browsing
  • Daily social media browsing
  • Daily content streaming
  • Music streaming
  • Skype and video calls

100GB LTE is ideal for:

  • Daily web and social media browsing
  • Streaming HD videos – Netflix and YouTube
  • Daily music streaming
  • Skype and video calls
  • Frequent online gaming

Have questions about me&you? We've got the answers.

Who is me&you partnered with?

For its LTE deals, me&you is partnered with MTN – meaning your internet connection will be dependent on how good the MTN signal is in your area.

Check out our LTE coverage map to see if you have our me&you LTE deals in your area.

How do I go about setting up a me&you SIM?

So you're interested in getting a me&you LTE deal, what's the next step?
Once you find a deal that suits you, enter your details and an agent will contact you to complete your order.

After your order has been completed, you'll receive your SIM and a router within 1-7 business days. Your SIM will be activated within 30 minutes after you've inserted it into the router. Something to keep in mind, although it is very unlikely, activation can take up to 72 hours in extreme cases.

If you experience connection issues after 30 minutes, you can reboot your router and try again.

How do I check data usage on me&you?

  • It's as simple as 1, 2, 3:
  • Visit meandyoumobile and enter your login details.
  • Select the FLTE SIM tab.
  • Click "Manage".

And voila!

Can I use the me&you service on the go?

Since me&you works off MTN's signal, MTN will lock the service to your address, so unfortunately traveling while using this service on-to-go isn't possible.

So what happens if I move?

Don't stress!

If you're moving, simply contact me&you's customer care line on 0861 333 110 (It's free on a me&you mobile SIM) –and you'll be able to have your Fixed LTE service moved to another location. A location change is capped to twice a year.

What happens if my SIM is lost, stolen or faulty?

Life happens, and unexpected events can lead to your me&you SIM getting lost or stolen.
Sometimes, though very unlikely, your SIM can become faulty or damaged over time.

If this occurs, getting a replacement is super SIMple.

If you have a meandyou mobile SIM, you can contact their customer care line for free on 0861 333 110 and ask for a replacement SIM.

Once this is done, all leftover data from your previous SIM will be moved to your replacement SIM. Easy.

Get connected with me&you on Best Internet.

If you are someone who wants a bit of freedom when it comes to internet connection – no contracts, no price locks, no complications, then me&you is may be the right fit for you!

With their affordable pricing and wide range of internet deals available - you'll be spoilt for choice.

With me&you and Best Internet, get your internet connection the way you want it.

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