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Thursday, April 14, 2022

Is Telkom fibre coverage in your area? Everything you need to know to get connected

Nothing gets Best Internet more excited than finding epic internet deals and packages for our customers that offer quality, affordability and high speeds (of course). Our latest obsession is with Telkom fibre and their new prepaid fibre service! Offering uber-fast internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps, professional installation, a free router, and many other benefits, Telkom fibre is a must-have for any home. Unsure of choosing Telkom? Let’s answer some of those queries for you.

7 questions about Telkom fibre, answered!

Am I covered for Telkom fibre?

Major cities like Durban, Cape Town, Jo’burg, Pretoria, East London and Port Elizabeth will be covered, but if you are living in a rural area or far out in the suburbs, you will need to check if your area is fibre-ready. Don’t worry, there’s a quick and easy way to find out. Best Internet’s accurate and up-to-date coverage map lets you know – down to the very street address – if your area is covered for fibre. Simply type in your address and we’ll do the rest for you. Let’s go!

Which FNO does Telkom use?

An “FNO” stands for fibre network operator. These are the companies that install the optic-fibre cables underground in your area. They then partner up with internet service providers to give your home access to the world wide web. In Telkom’s case, they have partnered up with VUMA and Openserve.

How much does Telkom fibre cost?

Telkom fibre has a range of packages on offer to suit any budget. Typically, the more bandwidth you need, the higher the price per month will be. Starting from R799 per month, you can get a 10 Mbps line which is perfectly ideal for homes with 3-4 devices and light internet use like social media, Netflix streaming, email and working on Google Drive or the like.

Can I switch from Telkom ADSL to fibre?

Yes, you can, however, your existing ADSL router won’t be compatible with fibre. No stress! Telkom will provide you with a new one which comes with your chosen fibre package. What’s also cool is that you can get your existing Telkom phone number or you can change it when you migrate from ADSL to fibre.

How long does Telkom take to install fibre?

Telkom knows you don’t have time to waste sitting around waiting, so an appointment will be set up between you and a Telkom technician who will then visit your home at the agreed-upon time and date. Depending on the layout of your home and the distance between your home and the fibre cables underground, it can take between 4 – 16 hours to complete.

What is Telkom prepaid fibre?

This is probably one of our favourite things about Telkom fibre! Using the Telkom app, simply choose the amount you want, make a payment and you’ll have prepaid fibre sent to your home within minutes. Once it runs out, you can top up. It’s just like getting airtime for your phone!

Why is there no fibre in my area?

If there is no fibre in your area, it is due to the fact that there is simply not enough demand in your area for fibre internet. Coverage is dependent on demand, and operators won’t build fibre lines in an area if only a few people want it.

Best Internet’s top fibre deals just for you

Speed: 10 Mbps
Matched speeds: No (5 Mbps uploads)
Price per month: From R799
Fibre operator: Openserve
Additional features: Free router and installation, 2 GB free data, one free email account, unlimited anytime calls

Speed: 20 Mbps
Matched: No (10 Mbps uploads)
Price per month: From R999
Fibre operator: Openserve
Additional features: Free Wi-Fi modem and installation, 3 GB of data for free, unlimited anytime calls, month-to-month option available without free modem.

Speed: 50 Mbps
Matched: No (5 Mbps uploads)
Price per month: From R1,210
Fibre operator: Vumatel
Additional features: Modem, installation and activation included on a 12-month contract, month-to-month option available with no freebies.

Speed: 100 Mbps
Matched: Yes
Price per month: From R2,219
Fibre operator: Vumatel
Additional features: Modem, installation and activation included on a 12-month contract, month-to-month option available with no freebies.

Your best tech friend is finding epic internet deals for you

If you’re looking for a new fibre provider or interested in switching to a new one, Telkom is a top choice for any home, big or small. With contract or month-to-month options available, choosing Telkom gives you the flexibility and professionalism you need to get connected.
Find out if your area is Telkom fibre ready and order your package online.

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