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Friday, November 19, 2021

How to cancel your home fibre service: Vox, Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C

Looking to cancel your home fibre service? You shouldn’t be tied down to a service provider that’s doesn’t make you happy. We’re taking the work out of how to cancel your fibre contracts. Most internet service providers make it almost impossible to cancel your contract, but here at Best Internet, we want to make things easy peasy.
Check your area’s fibre status or view the simple steps below on how to cancel your fibre service for Vox, Telkom, Vodacom and Cell C.

Your Fibre Providers Cancellation Policy, broken down

Cancelling your fibre contract shouldn’t be a difficult process — that’s why we’re giving you the lowdown on how to do it with ease. Here’s our step by step process on how to cancel your contract, broken down by provider.

How to cancel your Vox fibre service

Vox fibre contracts have a 12-month minimum commitment period, but if you’d like to cancel beforehand, there are a couple of things you need to know about, and a few steps you need to take.

  • You will have to give one month’s notice for your cancellation.
  • Firstly, when you sign up for Vox fibre, it is in the T’s and C’s that if you cancel within the first 12 months, the remaining months of that period will be charged to you.
  • Secondly, when you cancel, your Vox router will have to be returned.
  • You will also be charged for the hardware costs and installation.
  • Email

For more information about how to cancel your Vox fibre contract, click here.

How to cancel your Telkom fibre service

Similarly to Vox, Telkom also has a minimum commitment period, but in this case it’s 24 months. When you cancel, you’ll be billed pro-rata for the installation and router, as well as a monthly premium for the remaining months. If you want to cancel beforehand, here’s what you need to do:

  • Hold up a sec! You have to give 30 days’ notice before cancelling.
  • Visit, click login and enter your details.
  • Select “Manage Accounts”.
  • Choose the Telkom line you want to cancel and click “Cancel”.
  • It’ll ask you to give a few details - nothing you don’t already know.
  • Upload a few documents like a copy of your ID and send off your cancellation request.
  • Your request will then be sent to Telkom and you will receive a ticket reference number that you need to keep handy, when you’re contacted to finish cancelling your fibre.
  • Taking too long? You can call Telkom directly on 012 311 2473 or email

For more about how to cancel your Telkom service, click here.

How to cancel your Cell C fibre service

Much the same as the previous providers — Cell C’s fibre service, called C-Fibre, has a 24-month minimum contract period, and you are also required to give them a calendar months’ notice before cancelling. Here’s how to cancel:

  • You will have to pay for the remaining months left within the minimum contract period and you will also be required to pay a pro-rated fee of the installation and connection fee, as well as your Wi-Fi router.
  • You can call or email Cell C’s fibre support line on 084 143 4273 or to let them know you want to cancel your fibre.

For more information about how to cancel your Cell C fibre service, click here.

How to cancel your Vodacom fibre service

Vodacom fibre has 12 and 24-month contracts and, as you can expect, you’ll need to pay off the remaining contract amount if you cancel before its complete. Here’s how to cancel:

  • Call the call centre on 082 1904.
  • A dedicated Vodacom customer care agent will ask you for information like your ID number, fibre account number, and contact info.
  • You’ll receive a reference number which you need to keep handy so that you can follow up on the cancellation process.

For more information about how to cancel your Telkom fibre contract, click here.

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