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Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Internet Connections for Load Shedding

Stage 2 Load shedding Announced

This news headline is no surprise in modern day South Africa. We’ve lived through load shedding for more than 5 years and some days are worse than others. We need the internet even during load shedding! This can become quite a hack when Stage 4 hits and your router is dead. However, there is some light at the end of the tunnel! We’ve put together some handy options to help you stay connected over this time and have you prepared no matter what stage Eskom throws at you.

Here’s how to stay online during load shedding:

We recommend the two most popular connections available in South Africa now; cheap fibre internet deals or super-fast LTE deals!

An LTE deal with a Mi-Fi router:

LTE is a great and affordable internet option that allows you to stay connected when the electricity is out. Not relying on electricity to keep a router powered; the device just needs to be charged when you do have electricity and depending on your usage, can stay operational for around 8 hours! That’s a round of stage 6/8 load shedding depending on your area. However, remembering to charge your router can be a tough one depending on your day. Unless you actively remember to charge the device, chances are, you’ll forget. LTE towers can also be affected during load shedding if they run out of backup power. This does happen on rare occasions in the event of stage 6 or 8 when the backup batteries do not receive enough time to recharge.

Bonus Tip: Get yourself a power bank to charge up your Mi-Fi router in dire times! Read on other ways to prepare for unexpected electricity outrage

A Fibre line with a backup UPS:

A fibre line is perfect for most people as it is currently the most desirable form of internet connection. You can power up your connection by purchasing and plugging in a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) to the Fibre ONT and your router. Depending on the voltage, you can stay online for several hours. Enjoy fast speeds even when the power’s out!

An LTE deal with UPS:

Similarly, you can opt to power a normal LTE router to a power supply and get on the go! Due to its plug-and-play nature you can plug into your UPS and connect to the net. A UPS is also handy to power other devices like your laptop or PC. A UPS has other benefits when it comes to electrical surges and your tech devices; serving as a protection measure which stabilises spikes and surges, thus not directly blowing up any electrical bits in your equipment.

An LTE deal or Fibre deal with a generator:

If your needs are greater than most where you require an on-going/longer duration of electricity, I.e you need connection all the time; you should opt for a generator. A generator powers more than just a router or laptop, you can power your smart TV and a few other appliances!

Side Note:

If you already have a fixed line for internet, require internet access most of the time (especially during peak hour) and cannot afford a generator/UPS then an additional LTE deal is worth checking out. Many of these deals offer a month-to-month deal so you can opt out when you need to; no contract required! You can also take it on-the-go if you opt for a Mi-Fi router and require additional data over and above your mobile services.

We know that load shedding can be more than a struggle! Remember, where there’s a will, there’s a way! Read more on ways to keep your internet connection on during load shedding

Creative Copywriter
Palesa Malefane
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