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Monday, February 21, 2022

Looking for high-speed, uncapped fibre? Look no further than Cell C.

If there were a Game of Thrones for internet connections, it would be fibre that would take the cake (and the crown). But not just any fibre – Cell C. Since 2016, Cell C has been offering uncapped and unthrottled fibre to South Africans around the country. But what makes Cell C a good choice for you and your home? Best Internet is here to help you get to know this top operator a little better, so that you can make the right choice.

Five things you need to know about Cell C

  • Cell C was founded and launched operations in 2001. This was 7 years after Vodacom and MTN were already strong leaders in the mobile service providers arena in South Africa.

  • By the end of 2021, Cell C had 13 million subscribers.

  • Cell C remains one of the four top mobile service providers in South Africa.

  • Cell C first partnered with Vumatel as a fibre network operator and has since partnered with Octotel, Open Serve, Frogfoot, SA Digital Villages (SADV), Netstream and Edge Telecoms.

  • Cell C doesn’t have its own fibre network but has partnered with fibre operators like the abovementioned ones to provide South Africans with the fastest internet connection type around.

Our top Cell C fibre packages

Your Cell C fibre questions, answered

Why should you choose fibre as your internet of choice?

Fibre provides the most consistent and reliable internet out of all broadband technologies on the market.

Because it’s underground, it can’t be affected by weather or physical barriers like buildings or mountains.
Given that fibre does not rely on copper, services are far less susceptible to interruption from cable theft and other technical problems.

And, with download speeds up to 1Gbps, get locked and loaded into a world of HD streaming, multi-player gaming and many hours of high-speed internet for work, conference video calls and more.

What is an open access network?

This is where an operator builds a fibre network in a specific area and allows multiple ISP’s (internet service providers) to sell fibre services over its network.

An open access network removes the need for multiple operators to build duplicate network infrastructure in the same area, and opens up the market to competition by allowing other ISP’s fibre to other customers.

What are some of the benefits of Cell C fibre?

There are plenty! But, some of the best perks are the fact that as a Cell C fibre customer, you get:

  • Unlimited, unrestricted, and unshaped fibre
  • An included Wi-Fi router
  • Included installation and connection
  • Matched upload and download speeds

Does the Cell C Fibre service have a fair usage policy?

Firstly, what is a fair usage policy? This is a rule that many mobile and internet operators abide by, that slows down your internet speed during peak times, so that other customers can receive internet as a decent speed. This isn’t fair when customers are paying for high-speed internet with high bandwidth amounts. To answer the question, no. Cell C has no caps on usage or throttled data speeds.

Do I need to sign-up for a voice line as well to get connected to Cell C Fibre?

No, you don’t. Unlike ADSL, you will not be required to sign up for a voice line as a pre-requisite to get Cell C fibre. Awesome!

Can I use my own Wi-Fi router?

Yes you can, but wait a minute. Cell C ships a router with every fibre order which will be set up and installed by your fibre network operator. But, should you wish to use your own, you can.

Shop Cell C fibre with Best Internet

Now you’re clued up! Is Cell C fibre the right choice for you? We think so. Learn more about Cell C’s fibre options by browsing their many package options on our website.

Start your fibre journey today with Cell C and Best Internet!

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