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Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Supersonic internet the fast new kid on the internet-block/

There's fast internet. Then, there's Supersonic fast internet - in a league of its own. This new internet provider, sponsored by MTN, has taken the internet world by storm. Many people are searching for a Supersonic internet package to get in on the provider where speed and reliability meet.

As we all know, this digital era calls for a quick and reliable internet connection. Whether you're an avid gamer needing seamless play or a homebody wanting reliable connectivity for work and entertainment.

This blog post will look into exactly what a Supersonic internet package entails. We'll explore its benefits, how to choose one that fits your needs perfectly, the common features these packages offer, and where you can find the best deals in the market. Are you in?

Super fast, super easy Supersonic internet

A Supersonic internet package promises a super fast, super easy internet experience backed by one of the best internet providers in South Africa, MTN. Reaching stratospheric heights of 1Gbps or more, Supersonic internet packages provide a rocket-like connection experience going from zero to a hundred in seconds. With this new fibre connection, you can finally bid buffering and slow loading goodbye.

Plus, this internet provider boasts a customer service team that's prompt and reliable to help you with any technical issues you run into. You won't just get access to superfast entertainment, but customer service that actually helps when you need them to. Additionally, Supersonic comes with unlimited data for unlimited fun; this means that you can stream, game, and browse to your heart's content without worrying about additional charges - ever.

Types of Supersonic internet packages

There are two main types of supersonic internet packages:

Fiber-optic packages

Forget copper wires, that's so 2000 and late. Supersonic AirFibre uses fibre optic cables to transmit data at the speed of light. This makes Supersonic a more reliable network for anything you love doing online - whether that's streaming movies and TV shows, gaming online, getting work done, or studying.

Supersonic’s AirFibre packages are uncapped

Imagine a world where your data never runs out, and your browsing experience is as smooth as Melrose on bread. This is precisely what Supersonic offers with its range of uncapped plans. If you're an internet user who values unlimited access to the online world, then Supersonic's uncapped AirFibre packages may just be what you need.

Breaking the speed barrier with matched speeds

One of the most significant advantages of using Supersonic AirFibre is that they offer symmetrical upload and download speeds. This means whether you're uploading a large file or downloading your favorite movie, both tasks will be completed at the same speed.

AirFibre can be affected by physical obstructions and bad weather

Supersonic leverages cutting-edge technology to provide high-speed internet service without requiring any physical connections. However, it's not without its faults. Something to consider when signing up for AirFibre is that it is susceptible to environmental and physical obstacles.

Wireless packages

These are your LTE solutions for in and out of the home. Supersonic offers fixed and on-the-go LTE internet which is a fast and reliable internet solution with the flexibility of month-to-month contracts. For people who are looking for plug-and-play solutions without the commitment of installation, LTE is the best fit. It provides high-speed internet through radio waves without needing any physical connection like cables or wires.

Capped vs Uncapped LTE

Supersonic has both. If you're someone who doesn't require round-the-clock access to the internet but still values speed and reliability when you do log on, Supersonic's capped packages might be perfect for you. These deals are typically more affordable than their unlimited counterparts - ideal if budget constraints are a consideration.

If constant connectivity is essential due to work requirements or perhaps because of a passion for online gaming, then Supersonic's uncapped packages will likely suit better. As well as offering non-stop access, they also provide peace of mind – no need to worry about reaching data limits before month-end!

Freedom and flexibility of a no-contract service

If you're not sure you're in this LTE game for the long haul, fret not. Supersonic's flexible LTE packages are the breath of fresh air you've been waiting for. With their no-contract approach to internet connectivity, you can enjoy high-speed Supersonic WiFi whenever and wherever without any strings attached.

Features of Supersonic internet packages

Supersonic internet packages often come with other attractive features, such as unlimited data usage options, no contracts or cancellation fees, and top-notch customer service support available 24/7. But that's just the beginning of the long list of great features by Supersonic. Here are some features that will make your online experience out of this world:

Blazing download and upload speeds: Supersonic internet is incredibly fast, with speeds reaching up to 1Gbps or more.

Seamless streaming quality: Whether you're streaming movies or having video conferences, a Supersonic connection ensures seamless and high-quality performance, making it perfect for both entertainment and professional use.

Real reliability: Supersonic packages provide more reliability than other traditional broadband connections. The advanced technology used guarantees consistent performance even during peak usage hours.

For a better understanding of this new kid off the block, read this blog on everything you need to know about Supersonic.

How to pick the perfect Supersonic internet package for you

Choosing a Supersonic internet package doesn't have to be rocket science. Just follow these simple steps and you'll have the perfect internet package for you:

Assess your internet needs

Are you a casual internet surfer, a hardcore gamer or a remote worker? Knowing your internet usage and what you intend on using the package for is key to finding the right one.

Prioritise your needs

Remember that each person is different and will prioritise different aspects when selecting an internet service provider. That's why it is essential to identify what matters most before committing. Some prioritise speed over data caps, while others consider customer support crucial. Make a checklist of your most important considerations before you decide.

Estimate your required internet speeds

This will be based on your internet needs. If you're only going to be scrolling social media, checking your emails, and maybe texting here and there, you won't need a plan with high speeds. On the other hand, if you're going to be streaming HD movies or playing games online, you might need to bump up the speed of your internet plan.

Consider data caps and unlimited usage

Do you want the freedom of unlimited usage, or are data caps okay? This is an important question to ask yourself when signing up for an internet package. And again, it'll be based on your internet needs. You might not be a heavy user and not require unlimited usage. But if you are, avoid having to pay overage fees and rather opt for a plan with unlimited data.

Weigh the pros and cons

Each supersonic internet package has its own set of pros and cons. Some offer blazing-fast speeds but come with higher price tags or strict data limits. Weigh these factors carefully against each other based on what you've decided to prioritise in an internet package.

Make a final decision based on budget and preferences

At the end of the day, your budget will play a significant role in determining which Supersonic package is right for you. Remember to factor this number in along with your preferences and requirements from an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Lastly, keep in mind that finding the perfect Supersonic internet package is all about evaluating your needs and finding a package that meets them.

Upgrade your internet experience with Supersonic

Ready to take your internet experience to the next level? Upgrade to Supersonic Internet and enjoy lightning-fast speeds, top-notch customer service, and unlimited data. Visit Best Internet now to find the perfect package for you. Take the guesswork out of finding an internet plan perfect for you. Compare internet plans like a pro and get connected to Supersonic today with Best Internet. Your browsing habits will thank you.
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