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Monday, April 29, 2024

The Best Inverter for Your Wi-Fi During Load Shedding

In South Africa the power goes out more than you do, am I right? What would you do without an inverter for your Wi-Fi?  

You could be in an intense gaming session or streaming your favorite show when suddenly, the power takes a hike. Cue the collective groans and frustration, right?  

With a nifty little gadget like an inverter for your Wi-Fi router you can change the game.  

Say goodbye to those dreaded Wi-Fi blackouts and keep the digital fun rolling, even when the lights go out. Keep reading to dive into how inverters keep your Wi-Fi signal strong, steady, and ready for action.

Is It Possible to Run Your Wi-Fi on an Inverter?  

During power outages, the low power consumption of a Wi-Fi router makes it a suitable device to stay connected. It is important to investigate the best inverter with enough capacity and battery for a steady internet connection during load shedding.  

With the magic of an inverter, you can keep those online adventures alive and kicking. It's your own digital superhero, swooping in to save the day and keep you connected to the online world.  

Whether you're a remote worker, a streaming fanatic, or someone who’s always online, an inverter is your best friend.  

How Do I Power My Router During Load Shedding?

Uninterruptable Power Supply  

A mini-DC UPS, or Portable Power Station are your best options to power your Wi-Fi router during loadshedding. A mini-UPS is a small ‘uninterruptable power supply’. It’s a device that allows you to keep other devices running for a short time when incoming power is interrupted.

Portable Power Station

A portable power station is a compact energy producer that allows people to charge multiple devices on-the-go. This device stores energy similarly to large-scale power stations. Technically, it reduces the struggle of carrying power over long distances, by travelling with you instead.  

The Inverter  

Then, you get the inverter. Inverters run off battery power. When the power is off, the device will use batteries to keep appliances running in your house.  

The battery then charges while the power is waiting for the next period of scheduled load shedding. To power things in your house, your inverter can use different power sources of incoming energy.

With a flick of a switch, this marvel of modern technology transforms DC power from a battery into the AC power your router craves, ensuring your Wi-Fi signal stays strong and steady, even when the lights go out...  

How Can I Power My Router Without Electricity?

To power your router without electricity, you can use an external backup battery.  

Simple plug your router into the external backup battery, then plug the external battery into a wall outlet via the original power adapter. When loadshedding hits the external backup battery will keep it running.  

Here's how to do it in a jiffy:

Step 1: Get yourself a trusty UPS.

Step 2: Connect your router to the UPS using a standard power cable.

Step 3: Plug the UPS into a power outlet – this is where the lifesaving happens!

Step 4: Charge up your UPS beforehand.

Step 5: Bask in the glory of uninterrupted connectivity as your router draws power from the UPS.

With a UPS in your corner, you can weather any power outage with ease and keep your Wi-Fi signal strong!

What Inverter is for Wi-Fi?

This could give you ideas to keep your Wi-Fi signal alive and kicking when loadshedding has just hit. You want a reliable powerhouse that can keep your connection strong no matter what.  

If you can get your hands on the OMEGA 150W Inverter: Power Back-Up, you’re on the right track. With this device you can embrace and experience uninterrupted power during loadshedding. The Omega OP-W-150 inverter is designed for efficiency and versatility. It can give you and your family connection and entertainment, even in challenging times.

There are also other options. The second best would be a PPS – a portable power station. Or you could opt for a Wi-Fi UPS – uninterrupted power station.  

There are many power solutions to compare and debate, but at the end of the day, it’s up to you.

5 Tips to Consider When Choosing an Alternative Power Supply

Power Output: Look for an inverter with a sufficient power output to sustain your router's needs. Opt for a model with at least 500VA to ensure your Wi-Fi stays online when the lights go out.

Battery Capacity: Pay attention to the inverter's battery capacity – the higher, the better. Aim for models with a battery capacity of at least 12V to keep your router running smoothly for extended periods.

Backup Time: Consider the backup time offered by the inverter – referring to how long it can power your router during an outage. Choose a model that provides ample backup time to keep you connected until the power returns.

Portability: If you're on the move, opt for a portable inverter that's lightweight and easy to transport. This way, you can stay connected wherever your adventures take you.

Brand Reliability: Finally, stick with trusted brands like Best Internet when selecting your inverter. You want a reliable, durable device that won't let you down when you need it most.


Your router is your ultimate side kick when it comes to ensuring uninterrupted connectivity. With the right PPS or UPS from Best Internet, you can navigate the digital landscape with confidence.  

You can be assured that your Wi-Fi signal will stay strong and steady through power outages and unexpected disruptions. With our guide in hand, you'll be equipped to make the right choice and keep your Wi-Fi signal shining bright. No matter what challenges come your way, power up and stay connected!

Read more about a UPS or PPS here:  

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