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Tuesday, September 14, 2021

The best Telkom data deals

Every South African has heard of Telkom. For years, if you wanted internet connection or a telephone line, you had one easy choice — Telkom.

While there are many new providers out there today, Telkom is still a solid competitor in the race for best internet and data.
Want to find out the best Telkom data deals for you?
Look no further because Best Internet’s got the scoop on the best deals around — no matter what your needs are.

Is Telkom a good service provider?

Telkom is a great service provider, ranked in the top 3 South African networks along with MTN and Vodacom.

Telkom is also known for its good value, offering some of the cheapest Telkom LTE data bundles.

What are some of the best and latest Telkom data deals?

At Best Internet, we do our homework so you don't have to.
Here are three Telkom data deals we think are great value for your money.

September Big Deal 2021 — 20GB
R249 pm x 24 months
20GB Night Surfer data* (Midnight – 07:00)
20GB Extra Night Surfer data (Midnight - 07:00)
20GB Anytime data
Extra 20GB Anytime data
Plus... add a Huawei B535 LTE router for an additional R70 pm x 24 months

Telkom LTE 40GB
R375 pm
Includes Huawei B535-932 router
40GB Anytime data (Validity period 61 days)
40GB Night Surfer data (Midnight - 07:00) (Validity period 31 days)
Out of bundle rate for data: R0.30 per MB.

Monthly Social Bundles 100MB-3GB
Caters to flexible data needs
No contracts required — pay once off
Starting from as little as R7
Effective Rate per MB: R0.0326

How do I top up my Telkom mifi?

MiFi is a portable internet device which has Wi-Fi built into it, that you can take with you anywhere.

Telkom offers this really sweet package where you can get a Huawei MiFi with a starter Telkom LTE deal at a great price. And you can top it up with more data as you go.

Got your MiFi device at the ready? This is how you top it up:
Insert your Telkom SIM into a phone and dial *544#

This will log you into the Telkom portal or Telkom shop
Select the bundle you want to purchase, either using your airtime or credit

Does Telkom data carry over to the next month?

Your data will carry over to the next month if it's valid for more than 30 days. Telkom's packages usually state how long your data bundles are valid, so you'll be able to plan ahead — no problem.

How much is Telkom WiFi per month?

Different to LTE, Telkom also provides affordable uncapped WiFi with great upload and download speeds.
Depending on which deal you choose, you'll be paying between R199 to R699 per month.

Shop Telkom with Best Internet

Telkom offers great deals with great coverage and good value for money.
Shop Telkom WiFi, routers and Telkom data deals with your favourite store, Best Internet.

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