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Monday, October 25, 2021

Vodacom: Uncapped Wi-Fi Deals and FAQs answered

Need all the data you can get your hands on? Vodacom has a number of uncapped Wi-Fi packages for the home or office – or if the home is the office. Ranging from a modest 4Mbps line to a faster 80Mbps package, every bandwidth need for speed is on offer.  

Best Internet also takes a look at some frequently asked questions and gives the low-down (or download) with our handy tips and how-to’s.  

Vodacom uncapped Wi-Fi deals

These are the deals Vodacom has on offer to you:

  1. Bandwidth Speed:4 Megabits per second
    Price per contract:  

Under R730 monthly for 12 months
Under R600 monthly for 24 months
Under R500 monthly for 36 months

Ideal for: Email, social media, general internet browsing

  1. Bandwidth Speed:8 Megabits per second

       Price per contract:  

Under R900 monthly for 12 months
Under R800 monthly for 24 months
Under R700 monthly for 36 months

Ideal for: Professionals in digital marketing, bloggers, social media marketers

  1. Bandwidth Speed:20 Megabits per second

       Price per contract:  

Under R1,380 monthly for 12 months
Under R1,000 monthly for 24 months
Under R850 monthly for 36 months    

Ideal for: Multiple workers using the same line for online work for multiple hours

  1. Bandwidth Speed:40 Megabits per second

       Price per contract:  

Under R1,750 monthly for 12 months
Under R1,500 monthly for 24 months
Under R1,260 monthly for 36 months

Ideal for: Multiplayer competitive gaming, small offices with several devices connected

  1. Bandwidth Speed:80 Megabits per second

       Price per contract:  

Under R3,500 monthly for 12 months
Under R2,900 monthly for 24 months
Under R2,350 monthly for 36 months

Ideal for: Large offices, many PCs, laptops or phones connected

5 frequently asked questions answered for Vodacom users

1. I forgot my Vodacom router password. What now?

  • Don’t stress! You can reset your router to its factory settings, which will reset the name and password to default.
  • Remove the back cover of the router and you’ll see the reset button. It’s a tiny little button that requires the end of an earring, toothpick or paper clip to push it.
  • Hold down the reset button for 5 seconds, or until you see the Vodacom logo light up again.
  • The router’s password and name has now been reset. You’ll find its name and password on a sticker at the back of the router, or in the packaging that it came in.

2. How do I check how much data my Vodacom Wi-Fi router has used?

  • From your laptop or PC, log into My Vodacom
  • Select “My account”
  • All of your data balances should be available to see

3. Can I get 5G data packages with Vodacom?

Yes and no. Although Vodacom built and launched South Africa’s first-ever 5G network for consumers in 2020, it isn’t available for everyone just yet. This is due to the service provider needing much more spectrum to grow the 5G network. At the moment, 5G is only available in parts of Jo’burg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban. View if you have 5G coverage.

4. How do I check if my home can get Vodacom fibre?

With Best Internet, this is easy. Simply visit our homepage

  • Scroll down until you see our coverage map
  • Enter your exact address
  • Within seconds, our map will tell you if you have fibre coverage
  • Click “View Packages” to find out which Vodacom fibre package is for you!

5. What are upload and download speeds for Vodacom uncapped Wi-Fi or fibre?

Don’t worry, you’re not about to enter the matrix with this explanation. Upload and download speeds refer to the amount of data transmitted to and from a server. Certain actions like sending an email, posting a photo on Instagram, sharing an article on Facebook, would be considered uploads because you are sending data to a server. Downloads would be tasks like scrolling through social media, opening and downloading an email attachment, streaming Netflix or opening a web page because you’re receiving data. For our range of Vodacom deals, with all their upload and download speeds here.  

Best Internet always has you covered with the latest deals and information on Wi-Fi, fibre and LTE deals across South Africa.

View and choose your Vodacom uncapped Wi-Fi package now!

Creative Copywriter
Palesa Malefane
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