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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Vox Fibre: Best Internet Breaks It Down

In your home, what’s the one thing that causes the most frustration? Is it dirty dishes or the never-ending food bills? For us, it’s slow, inconsistent internet. Fibre is the leading choice for fast and reliable internet, with Vox fibre being a top choice for many homes. Best Internet takes an in-depth look at Vox fibre to see if what they’re selling is worth buying.

Who is Vox?

Born into Gen Z, Vox Telecoms has been the head of the cool kids telecommunications club in South Africa since 1998. Vox offers voice, Wi-Fi, data, and fibre packages. Vox fibre has partnered with Vumatel, Octotel, Openserve, TT Connect, Frogfoot, Balwin, Netstream, Evotel, Link Africa and MetroFibre offering a wide range of coverage. Can we get a green tick emoji?

Where is Vox Fibre Available?

Because fibre is still a growing industry in South Africa, it hasn’t been able to reach every nook and cranny from the mountains of the Western Cape to the shores if KZN just yet. But, no worries - Vox Telecoms has 13 points of presence across the country, including Durban, Pretoria, Joburg, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, so you’re likely to have coverage. However, when it comes to fibre, it’s vital that you check your eligibility.
Simply type in your address HERE to see if your area is Vox fibre-ready.

6 Top Features of Vox Fibre Deals

  • Internet speeds of up to 1GB per second. We’re geeking out over this. Vox is one of the only fibre providers in South Africa that can offer internet speeds of up to 1GB per second (1,000-Mbps)! A good internet speed is about 25-Mbps and up which will support HD streaming, gaming, social media surfing, emailing and downloading music.

  • Capped and uncapped bundle deals. Every Vox fibre deal on offer allows you to choose a capped or uncapped package. Capped packages are generally cheaper so if pricing is an important factor, opt for capped packages. Uncapped packages are ideal for those needing fibre for work and for multiple devices and tend to be a bit pricier.

  • Fibre deals catered from small homes to large corporates. So, you run a business and you’re the head of the household. That’s a lotta boss behaviour. Maybe the household shares the same space as the business! Whichever set up it is, Vox fibre packages cater to both options. Because fibre-to-the-business (FTTB) expects more devices to plug into it, Vox’s FTTB packages have higher speeds and customised options for cloud services and video conferencing.

  • Free installation. Most internet service providers (ISP’s) will charge you an installation fee, but Vox includes the installation in your fibre package.

  • Matched upload and download speeds. For those of you that may be scratching their heads on this on, upload and download speeds are for different things. For example, a good download speed would be for images, video, and audio files. You’ll need a good download speed to stream, scroll through Instagram, or listen to music on Apple Music or Spotify. Upload speeds are about how many megabits-per-second of data can be sent to a server from your computer. This would be for sending emails, live gaming and video calling on Zoom. So, with Vox fibre packages, you can expect a matched speed for all of your online activities.

  • Month-to-month fibre plans. There’s no long-term relationships here!

Best Internet’s Vox Fibre Verdict

Vox fibre deals range from R554 per month for 10-Mbps upload and download speeds to its largest fibre package at R1,999 per month for 1,000-Mbps speeds. Even for a slower line like the 10-Mbps package, spending over R500 a month seems a little steep.

However, the pros of choosing Vox fibre is the consistent upload and download speeds, free router and installation, and the option to opt out of your package at any time. What’s even cooler is the fact that Vox’s FTTB packages include voice, cloud services and video conferencing extras - a must for businesses or those who work from home!
Choose the Vox fibre package that’s ideal for you with Best Internet!

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