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Monday, July 12, 2021

What you need to know about Telkom Fibre Deals

Looking for Telkom fibre deals? Look no further. We’ve got the all the info you need, right here.
If you’re in the market for competitively priced fibre — Telkom is one of South Africa’s most widely available Internet Service Providers.

We’re breaking down the type of fibre Telkom offers, what kind of deals you can get, some of their uncapped offerings, how it works, and the pros of connecting with this ISP. For the TL;DR version — you can compare Best Internet’s Telkom fibre packages right here.

Types of Telkom Fibre Packages

Let’s get down to it.
Telkom is one of SA’s best-known ISP’s. Not only that — it’s also the biggest fixed-line operator in the country. And, because it’s one of the biggest brands, it also offers some of the most competitive fibre deals around.

Telkom’s fibre offering includes free modem installation that can connect to multiple devices in your home (or business).

Because Telkom is one of the big boys of connectivity, they offer almost everything. Devices, mobile contracts, fibre, ADSL, LTE, modems — the list goes on — but you’re here for their fibre offerings, so we’ll get to it.

Telkom Fibre For Me

Telkom Home Fibre is broken down in two packages. “Fibre Home Unlimited” and “Fibre Home Unlimited Premium”. All of these offerings give you uncapped fibre and expect you to pay more for a better download speed. The only difference between their “Unlimited” and “Unlimited Premium” deals is that Telkom’s “Premium” offer also comes with mobile data. Pretty straightforward.

What’s the takeaway?
Premium plans give you additional TI Mobile data, which explains the price difference and you can generally expect an upload speed of half the download speed. Neat.
Read why you need a faster download speed than upload speed here

Telkom Fibre Deal For My Business

Telkom’s “For My Business” fibre deals offer less at-home frills (mailboxes etc.) and equal upload/download speeds.

How much is a Telkom fibre package?

With packages from as little as R499 per month for 25Mbps, they’re catering for small and large businesses.

Do I need a Telkom line for Telkom fibre?

Telkom is offering fibre deals from different service providers like Vumatel and Frogfoot, so they remain competitive in price and service offering.

What do you need to know if you’re considering an Telkom uncapped fibre?

As reported by Stuff, Telkom underwent a huge upgrade in 2021 (presumably due to the surge in demand in the new COVID-19 work-from-home boom). They confirmed they’re updating their fibre packages and doubling internet speeds for their customers. Best news being that existing customers won’t be required to pay more for their upgrades.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering purchasing one of their deals:

Telkom fibre deals range from 10Mbps – 200Mbps.
Telkom aims to bring you swift speeds, no-buffering entertainment and effortless convenience with their connection.

All of their 24-month contracts offer free installation and modems, their month-to-month fibre deals don’t come with free modems (you can use your own).

What do you need to do for Telkom fibre installation?

According to Telkom, all you need to do to prepare is be there on the day of installation.

During the first phase of installation, Telkom lays optic cables in the Main Service sleeves, to your nearest manholes (in the pavement).

And, although Telkom provides approved contractors to set up your connection — you’re also allowed to use your own contractor.

Telkom will then connect the fibre to a wall inside your property (which you can choose).

Once the external work is done, a technician will bring the fibre to your home and set up your modem in a spot selected by you. All appointments are scheduled with you upfront, and you’ll need to be there, so they can access your home. The installation can take between 4 – 16 hours.

What’s uncapped fibre?

In simple terms – uncapped fibre never runs out.
While your upload and download speeds are pre-agreed depending on the deal you pick, this only determines how fast your connection is.

Some ISPs shape their fibre lines (meaning it gets slower if you use a lot and overshoot a Fair Usage Policy) — but Telkom doesn’t apply a FUP. Telkom does, however, throttle lines during peak hours. So, your connection will probably suffer a bit 18:00 – 23:00.

How does Telkom fibre work?

Fibre is a bunch of fibre optic (read: glass) cables roughly the size of a human hair. These cables transmit light instead of electricity to carry digital signals. Because it’s light and not electricity, these cables are way faster than traditional copper.

Interested in Telkom fibre?

Fibre is futureproof, fast and probably the internet connection you should be considering.

As one of South Africa’s largest Internet Service Providers, Telkom offers a wide range of fibre deals, to suit most needs and budgets. You’ll be hard-pressed to find more variety or competitive pricing.

With their recent infrastructure and speed upgrades in 2021, their offering is probably one of the best in the country.

Take a look at Best Internet’s Telkom fibre deals here.

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