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Tuesday, October 26, 2021

What You Need To Know About Vodacom Fibre

Looking for a high-speed, reliable internet connection? Aren’t we all. Vodacom fibre, developing in South Africa since 2015, is taking centre stage for becoming the latest advance in quality home internet. At Best Internet, we’ve listed all the reasons why you should choose a Vodacom fibre package over anything else on the market.

What is fibre?

So, you heard Tammy from next door talking about how fast-moving her fibre is, but before you embarrass yourself by asking her about it, we’ll quickly say that it’s not the same fast-moving fibre everybody needs in their diet. Internet fibre comes from fibre-optic cables that send data at much faster speeds than a wireless connection.

The data is sent from a regional server – through the fibre – to your Wi-Fi router at home. Think of it as bolts of lightning working underground to send your home high-speed uploads and downloads for streaming, Zoom meetings, gaming and general internet surfing.

Why should you use Vodacom fibre?

  • Vodacom fibre packages cater to every kind of bandwidth need. Ranging from 4-Mbps to 100-Mbps packages, Vodacom offers fibre internet deals for homes that may need a high-speed connection for work or gaming, and for those who only need internet for the odd Instagram-scrolling-in-bed session. Learn more about what internet speed you need.

  • Choose between capped and uncapped fibre packages. Generally, capped packages are more affordable than uncapped ones, so if you only need fibre for social media, exchanging emails and the odd Netflix movie, Vodacom offers budget-friendly capped packages. On the other hand, working on your laptop all day or hosting a multi-player gaming competition may require an uncapped option.

  • Superior cables are used. Instead of using copper cables like most internet service providers (ISP’s), Vodacom uses glass which is not as easily affected by changes in the weather or cable theft. On top of that, fibre-optic cables are better than copper because they transmit data faster by using light instead of electrical pulses.

  • Vodacom has partnered with most major fibre networks. Vodacom fibre packages are accessible through Vumatel, Octotel, Openserve, TT Connect, Frogfoot and MetroFibre, which regionally offers the most coverage.

  • Quick turn-around time with installation. Your fibre will be ready for installation within 3-5 days after the vetting process is complete.

  • You can use your own Wi-Fi router. If you’ve already bought your own router and would like to continue using it, Vodacom will allow you to do so. The only downside to this is that the monthly instalment fee will not be decreased if you choose to use your own router instead of the one given to you by Vodacom.

  • Month-to-month deals available. If you’re planning on moving overseas or going away for a holiday, the option of having a no-strings-attached relationship with your fibre is what’s best for both of you.

  • No throttling. You know those dreaded hours of load shedding we have because the electricity demand is higher than the supply? Well, internet companies often use their own version load shedding called “throttling” during times when demand is high (even though they don’t admit it). With fibre, throttling is nothing but a distant memory.

  • Faster speeds than traditional internet sources. Fibre is 20x faster than regular cable internet and 80x faster than DSL.

We know that shopping for internet packages can be confusing or tiring, which is why we’ve removed the frustration out of it for your convenience. More time to binge watch your favourite series!

Shop Best Internet’s Vodacom fibre deals and choose what’s best for you now!

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