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Thursday, July 15, 2021

What you need to know about wifi deals

Want to know all there is to know about Wi-Fi? We’re about to dive right in!
Whether it’s the best Wi-Fi deal, the difference between Wi-Fi and internet, or how you should pick Wi-Fi for your home — you’ll find the answers here.
If you’re just looking for South Africa’s best Wi-Fi deal, have a peek at Best Internet’s range of deals.

What is Wi-Fi?

So, what’s Wi-Fi? Probably not what you think.
Wi-Fi is the wireless network that connects you to the internet. And yes, those are different things.

What’s the difference between Wi-Fi and the internet?

To simplify it — Wi-Fi is the portal and internet is the data network. In real terms — Wi-Fi gives your devices (PC, TV, smartphone) connection to the internet. In the old days, we’d use actual internet cables (remember those?) instead of Wi-Fi to get an internet connection.

How do I get Wi-Fi?

To setup Wi-Fi, you need a router. This router creates a wireless network for your devices. Then, you plug your router into an internet source (think modem) at its WAN (Wide-Area Network) port.

Some ISPs give you a modem and router all in one. No connecting or plugging necessary. But, if you can get your head around connecting the two devices, and what they’re used for — it’s probably better to get two separate devices.

Why do I need a modem and router?

This comes down to technological advancements. Modem technology is not the fastest moving tech out there — while routers often need replacing.
Router replacements depend on your changing needs. Maybe you need better coverage, improved wi-fi or you’ve added more devices to your home, and your router’s not keeping up. If you get a dual modem/router, you’re basically a bit “boxed” in.

Read more about “Modem v. Router” in the New York Times’ Wirecutter column.

What are SA’s best Wi-Fi deals?

Now that we’re all clued up about what Wi-Fi is, let’s find out who has the best Wi-Fi deals in South Africa.
These Wi-Fi deals and providers all offer a router, to get you connected to the net.

According to My Broadband’s insights in May 2021 —

These are the top 7 South African ISP’s according to customer satisfaction ratings (reflected in percentages)

  1. RSAWEB - 78.5%
  2. Axxess - 77.4%
  3. MTN - 74.8%
  4. Web Africa - 74.1%
  5. Vox - 72.6%
  6. Home Connect - 72.2%
  7. MWEB - 71.7%

And here are some of South Africa’s best Wi-Fi deals

  • Supersonic 120GB LTE 60-60 120GB LTE  
    Includes delivery and SIM card - R399
  • me&you60GBFLTE 60GB LTE  
    Includes SIM card and router (rented)
  • RSAWebUncappedFibre25-25 25Mbps Fibre  
    25Mbps upload speed  
    25Mbps Download speed  
    1 LTE SIM & 1 GB Data. Free setup and router

Home Wi-Fi deals

What should you think about when searching for the best at-home Wi-Fi deals?
After a deep dig into Wi-Fi, it’s pretty clear good routers = good Wi-Fi.
If you’re after good connection, you’ll be in need of a router with good processing speeds.

And, if you have loads of devices connected in your home, you’re going to want a good quality processor and loads of RAM.

When you pick your next router, be sure to avoid single-core processors. With the connection demands of today, these routers are meant for small homes with single users and limited devices (especially if you’re streaming or gaming). Go for at least a dual-processor router and 128MB RAM.

This type of router should satisfy most home Wi-Fi needs.

Interested in Wi-Fi deals?

When you’re looking for great connection, it’s not only your internet package that counts.  
Getting a great internet deal and sub-standard router can mean your devices don’t have the power they need to get good connection.  

For great deals to suit your internet needs and router requirements, have a look at Best Internet’s range of choices.

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