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Looking for the best connection deals in your area? Need some help deciding whether Fibre or LTE is the one for you? Best Internet is here to help!

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Our LTE and Fibre Coverage Map is constantly being updated to ensure that you receive the latest deals available in your area. Already know you’re covered? Click to begin your search for the best Fibre and LTE deals in your area. We make finding the right deals superconvenient. We make finding the right deals superconvenient. With us —you can compare LTE and Fibre deals that suit your budget and location. Our neat internet comparison platform lets you view connection deals by type, speed, price, data and provider.

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What is line speed?

Line speed refers to the maximum speed your internet connection can support. Line speeds vary –starting from as low as 4Mbps going as high as 1Gbps.Your line speed will depend on the package you choose from your ISP, but this is not always the speed you will get on a regular basis, as several factors can impact the line quality –think the distance between your device and the router, weather, and internet traffic during peak times.But these factors do not affect a Fibre connection as much as it does a cable connection.

What Fibre line speed would I need?

Your ideal Fibre line speed would be dependent on your needs –so think of how many internet users you have at home, how much streaming or online gaming you do daily, and whether you have people working from home.For someone who has about 2 internet users at home who stream content for approximately 3-4 hours a day, (or one user who works from home), with both users spending time on social media –we would say a 25Mbps line speed would be ideal for this household.Did you know we have a cool way for you to check what your ideal line speed is? Just answer a few simple questions and we'll curate the best deals for you based on your needs.

Is Fibre more expensive than other connections?

In certain cases –Fibre can be more expensive than other connections such as LTE –but it is also dependent on your ISP. Several ISPs offer similar Fibre deals but at different price points –this is due to the FNO they deal with.With Best Internet, we don't want to offer you sky-high prices for a reliable connection –we believe in giving you more for less.

Do I need to buy a Fibre router?

No, if your current router can support a Fibre connection then you won't require another router. But, thankfully, most of our Fibre offers come with a free-to-use router –making your transition into Fibre that much smoother!

Are there month-to-month Fibre deals available?

Yes, some of our Fibre deals are offered on a month-to-month basis–meaning you have the convenience of cancelling or changing your provider anytime you want to!

How long does it take to install Fibre?

If Fibre cables are already installed in your area –installing Fibre in your home should take between 1 – 4 hours. Installation of Fibre involves running cables from the Fibre box from outside your property into your home. These cables will generally run underground so some drilling and digging up would be involved

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