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Monday, April 25, 2022

Supersonic Fibre, SA’s First AirFibre Provider

If the name doesn’t say it all, we don’t know what does. MTN’s Supersonic AirFibre and LTE is shaking up the internet world with its game-changing speeds and wireless technology that rivals some of the best optic-fibre providers in the country. Haven’t heard about Supersonic fibre? That’s what Best Internet is here for. Let’s get started!

Nine questions about Supersonic and line speed, answered

What is line speed?

The next time you hear the phrase “line speed”, you’ll know exactly what it is! Here it goes: Line speed refers to the exact speed of your internet connection. For example, if you have a 50 Mbps line, then that means 50 megabits of data will be transferred back and forth between your device and a local cell tower every second.

Why is line speed important?

Line speed is more important than you think. It isn’t just a techy word used by internet service providers to confuse you. Your line speed determines how fast your internet is, with the greater number of Mbps showing an increase in speed and bandwidth. For example, if you have a 20 Mbps line and your neighbour has a 500 Mbps line, their speed and bandwidth is much greater than yours. Don’t worry, it’s easy to upgrade! Read on for more…

How do I check my internet line?

There are two easy ways to check your internet speed. The first is a free online speed test and the second requires you calling your internet provider to double check on your which internet package you have. To be honest, the speed test will likely give you a more accurate answer, as it grades your current speeds at any given moment. Get started with our speed test right now!

Do I need to upgrade my line speed?

The answer to this question depends on what your bandwidth needs are. Do you have a small household with 2-3 devices that need the internet for casual internet use? Or, do you work from home with kids who game online and use a laptop for homework? These are different scenarios that require different bandwidth needs. A smaller household with light internet use will be fine with a 10-20 Mbps line. However, the second type of household will need anything from 100 Mbps and beyond. Luckily, MTN’s Supersonic LTE and AirFibre have packages up to 400 GB per month. Just a heads up - your neighbours will be wanting game night at your place from now on…

Try our Speed Wizard to find out what line speed to get for your household needs.

Does Supersonic have uncapped Wi-Fi?

Yes, Supersonic has uncapped AirFibre and both capped and uncapped LTE. Having uncapped internet is like going to a wedding where the drinks are all paid for. Let there be abundance!

Does uncapped affect line speed?

Yes, it does. Many internet providers won’t admit this but if you have a capped internet package, your line speed will slow down when it comes close to the end of the month or when you’ve reached a certain data threshold. Internet providers do this when you’re close to reaching your data cap. In other words, it’s always best to choose an uncapped package for peace of mind.

Are Supersonic deals contracts?

Change your relationship status to… it’s (not) complicated. Supersonic LTE offers month-to-month subscriptions similar to Netflix. It’s easy and flexible – just what you need in today’s ever-changing world.

How long does Supersonic take to install fibre?

AirFibre doesn’t use traditional fibre-optic cables under the ground, it uses new cell towers built by MTN with upgraded technology to provide uber-fast internet speeds similar to fibre. It’s LTE, but much faster than normal LTE. Because of this, it takes only a couple of days between ordering your Supersonic package, installing your router and getting connected!

Does Supersonic have an app?

Yes, indeed! You can manage your Supersonic account and your LTE or AirFibre settings from the app. Simply download it from the App Store or Google Play.

Supersonic Fibre Deals For You

Get Supersonic in your home today!

Experience one of the fastest wireless internet options on the market with Supersonic fibre or LTE. Still keen to learn more about Supersonic? Here’s more, guys! Best Internet is here for all of your internet needs and queries.

Find out if your area is available for Supersonic fibre using our intuitive coverage map.

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